Saturday, May 30, 2009


dodo dodo
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dodo 9

nothing much to say about this piece.... juz simply draw.... i consider it as an dodo... haha
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its been a while since i draw for my self. now with lots of homework and freelance job, i barely have chance to draw for myself.... well, luckily i have the chance today to draw without any concern. this piece juz came out through my head when i started to doodle. hope u all like it.... by the way, sorry for my bad english.... peace
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drawing i did today, well, i am not too good in drawing scene.... so i need more practice and i did this.... it is obviously lack of detail..(too bad, i tried....)
btw, this is the first time i post my wip( work in progress). enjoy.. comments and critiques are welcome.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


well, dunno why i cannot arrange the picture... so the arrangement is wrong. hope u guys wont mind...

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a comic about national service. sorry because it is in malay... so u probably wont understand it.....i did this series way back in 2006,it has been 3 years, so the quality is... haha, hope u all like it.
this is part 1

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a digital comic about seal hunting
just wanna input some useful message in my artwork.
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Saturday, May 23, 2009


second part of the comic below
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a comic that i drew way back 2008.... i can't say it is a very good piece but i like the flow it goes. hope that suit u all. enjoy...
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

pre-test design

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dodo 7 and 8

well, this are some dodo for my client. well, he approved both dodo but want me to draw it with a diffrent style.... its a huge challenge for me. hopefully i can complete this task..... going to use vector for one of the dodo. dunno which one yet... maybe u can tell me... hopefully u will enjoy my dodo and my blog... chao.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

comic malaysia 2009 v2

well, this is my second design.... i prefer the first one .... this is just too tidy.. i am a messy guy... wakakaka
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Friday, May 15, 2009

comic malaysia 2009

banner i did for research course. the main idea is to do a design in whatever u choose( in this case i choose a comic event. i am a comic freak and fans of malaysia comic.) then after that a pretest should be done. so i created this so call banner design and see what the pretest result are. do give me comments and critiques.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

old dodo

it is some very old work from my folder that i discovered recently. enjoy guys
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dodo for comic

my dodo for a comic that i am working on recently. i know it is so damm messy, but guys, it is sketches. it is just meant for the artist to understand. dont bother it if it dose not suit u.... haha
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garuda1 version 2

this is the second version of my first garuda illustration. in this piece, i had took out all the disturbing thing on the background and add wave that are strong in movement to show the naga(snake) was so strong and fast. the indian type is a translate from google.(fuck) sorry if that bother u..hahaha
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fant-simple blog

this is a blog i wanna introduce. it a friend of mine. same school, different course. he is in architecture and i am in graphic design. never realize he had such interest and sense in photography until he bought a new slr digital camera lately. there are a lot of photo in this blog that can make one's think a lot. mainly feature photography. here is the blog, go see if u had the time. 100% recommended.
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well, this is my second illustration artwork for school assignment. it is about garuda, a hindu god. he fought with the naga(huge snake) for revenge. so i try to visualize the image with my own thought.
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as i promise, i had done the sketch i posted earlier. haha, i know it is not so good, still have a lot to learn and improve.
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dodo for sifu

this is yet another dodo for sifu, in this case, sifu means monks. i am a chinese and my sifu told me to design a banner with the topic family, i dont know how to interprete the topic but the main idea is family. so i drew this dodo for him. btw, this is a rejected piece. haha
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dodo for monster

recently we had receive a project from monster, a friend of mine that are going to graduate soon. he told us to ddesign a poster with illustration according to his movie clip, and this is my dodo for him.... the performance is mainly for children.

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