Tuesday, February 22, 2011

illustration friday "layer"

ipad + brushes app + pogo stylus = mini art studio.
did this to participate in illustration friday.
to be honest, i nearly cracked my head for ideas on this week topic (layers), and i come up with this piece, it is layers of double chin from a obese man. the focus of this painting is the 'multi layer chin', so i purposely crop the image to focus on it.
tell me what you think.

here is the progress video.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

ipad drawing 1 (fishy fishy)

fishy fishy with a sweater. drew this with an ipad.
watch my work in progress below.
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ipad drawing 1 (blue lion)

bought an ipad last sat, and this is my first painting on my lovely ipad, the ipad doesn't have pressure sensitivity, couldn't do heavy drawings with it, but it is very useful when doing mini skeches like this. view my work in progress below.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Asia University promotional video

this is a video me and my friends made in taiwan, an assignment on audio design. i directed the whole project, edit the clips, created the music, everything is fully original except that we use a taiwanese song as our base and i recompose the song.

the concept behind this is to promote asia university in a different point of view, i wanted to promote asia university using the warmth of the people in it, so we go for the theme 'friends'

get great compliments in this project, i hope u all like it too. tell me what you think.
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this is a 3d illustration i did for my 3d modeling assignment.
the concept is to create a trendy style Ganesh, a hindu god.
i am always fascinated with the hindu traditional myth, ganesh is a god with 4 hands and an elephant head.
this is my second character modeling so far, spend lots of time in rigging the and uv mapping the character.
what do you think about it?
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this piece is for my precious princess, hope she have a great bunny year too, love you dear.
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happy bunny year!!!

happy new year guys, wish you all have a great bunny year!!!
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