Friday, March 30, 2012

animation journal 1

i had failed a few times trying to make this animation works. there are a few things i did not do that wasted my time and mess up my scene. here goes 1) i did not plan the scene... this caused me to keep changing the scene over and over again. 2) i did not really sketch out the key pose and jot down the timing before i open up maya. 3) did not know the rig thoroughly. 4) did not spend enough time recording my reference video. kindda stupid to have made all this mistake. i know i am not suppose to do it but laziness creep in. despite all the mistake i've done, i had learn something through this assignment. 1) break the keyframe by 3 frame in each joint to create a smooth overlap action. exp: shoulder stop at frame 9, elbow 12, hand 15, finger 18. 2)make sure you know which frame you should do the constrain. it is always good to do the constrain at the final stage of the animation. (if your constrain is 'fk') 3)make sure to do the passing position in spline mode. doing it in stepped mode will make your action clunky and you will end up wasting time to clean up afterwards. 4)decide which hand control you want to use. ik or fk, parented to world or shoulder. that's about it. gonna work on my final project now. bye for now. added some hip works and change the staging a little.
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