Thursday, May 10, 2012

if - hitched

at last, i have some time to draw a little. just thought it might be fun to paint a couple with distinct body shape and put it together, i think it came out pretty nice. what do you think?
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


"惡"簡介 “以貌取人”,從古至今是這個社會上一直存在的現象, 看似醜陋的人一定是窮凶惡極的壞人,令人厭惡; 長的貌美的人一定是心地善良的好人,令人愉悅。 正如本片中的”八爺”擁有一顆純真善良的心, 細膩又柔和,唯一美中不足的就是他那令人畏懼又醜陋的外貌, 讓人一看到他就馬上產生隔閡。相較之下, 七爺那高挑又優雅的身段如同模特兒般, 令人不知不覺想親近,受人憬仰。在如此不對等的對待下, 八爺心灰意冷,獨自惆悵,自我封閉,決心不再插手世事。 但世事難料,一場前所未有的危機就迫在眉間, 而灰心喪志的八爺該如何抉擇呢? 本片透過可愛的民間傳說角色, 用逗趣的方式呈現,融合台灣傳統建築特色構成的異世界, 並以幽默的角色表演令老少會心一笑,適合所有年齡層的人觀賞。 動機 生活在21世紀的我們,每天看到形形色色不同的人, 跟所有不同家庭環境及價值觀的人們一起生活相處著, 因此我們常常可以看到社會大眾普遍的問題存在於這個社會上, 即使世界在進步,人們的觀念也跟著改變,可是仍然有許多陋習以及偏差的價值觀存在著這個世界。 從古自今,只要有人的地方就會存在著許許多多人與人之間的複雜習題, 即使國家政府極力推動"大愛"要大眾關心需要關心的人、 幫助需要幫助的人,但仍舊無法做到最完美, 因此我們仍就要不斷的倡導,以不時的提醒、 喚醒人們那心底深處那最原始最單純互助合作又充滿大愛的感情與憐憫之心。 目的 我們藉由簡單幽默又充滿逗趣的故事小動畫,將正確的價值觀、 做人知識傳達出去,希望社會大眾不管是小孩、 大人甚至是老人都能夠發自內心的從自身做起, 以身作則,人人都是良好的模範。 而就算不自身參與社會公益活動的人們, 再看了我們的故事之後感到會心一 笑的同時就算只是一點點的感動或認同感, 對我們來說傳遞正確價值觀的目的就已經達到了。 導演:張凱南 製片:林芷瑄,呂宛鮞 美術:馮清俊 分鏡:馮清俊 張雅雯 動畫:馮清俊 張凱南 張雅雯 鄭廣俊 場景設計:林芷瑄 呂宛鮞 張雅雯 角色設計:馮清俊 配樂:音舞創意 指導老師:魏子彬
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Friday, March 30, 2012

animation journal 1

i had failed a few times trying to make this animation works. there are a few things i did not do that wasted my time and mess up my scene. here goes 1) i did not plan the scene... this caused me to keep changing the scene over and over again. 2) i did not really sketch out the key pose and jot down the timing before i open up maya. 3) did not know the rig thoroughly. 4) did not spend enough time recording my reference video. kindda stupid to have made all this mistake. i know i am not suppose to do it but laziness creep in. despite all the mistake i've done, i had learn something through this assignment. 1) break the keyframe by 3 frame in each joint to create a smooth overlap action. exp: shoulder stop at frame 9, elbow 12, hand 15, finger 18. 2)make sure you know which frame you should do the constrain. it is always good to do the constrain at the final stage of the animation. (if your constrain is 'fk') 3)make sure to do the passing position in spline mode. doing it in stepped mode will make your action clunky and you will end up wasting time to clean up afterwards. 4)decide which hand control you want to use. ik or fk, parented to world or shoulder. that's about it. gonna work on my final project now. bye for now. added some hip works and change the staging a little.
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Friday, January 20, 2012

It's 2012!!!

It's 2012!!! and t is time to review all the works i had done in 2011!!!
this is my first reel and all the works are done within 2010 to 2011.
feel free to comment and critique me!
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