Wednesday, November 17, 2010

if burning

huhuu, at last another piece for illustration friday.
its been a long time since i participate illustration friday.
and i come up with something new this time, no more digital painting,
this is watercolor and artline pen! and a little photoshop in hue.
yeah, at last i did something in the traditional way,
i feel good with the outcome too.
bought a winsor and newton watercolors set and i don't want to waste it.

the concept is to draw a witch that get pissed up and decide to burn the whole place into ashes.
u maybe wondering why she is smiling.
it is because she get too mad and the facial expression is out of her control ( i am just talking rubbish.)
and so here is it
comment me guys!


  1. thanks!!i love ur artwork too!

  2. Hey Teddy! Great character and very cool pose and should I say very hot! Anyway... fantastic work and great blog!!


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