Monday, November 1, 2010

maya fishman

i did not update this blog for quite a long time. being in taiwan is kindda tough for me, homework and stress is kindda heavy over here. and i did not take any art class because i am not allowed to. so i turn my choice to animation, hopefully i still can learn something to pursuit my dream. so imagine this, 5 classes a week, 4 classes about maya. and i have to keep up with the class because they had already start the class one semester earlier. thats why i am stressed. i did not really paint anything the whole month. but i did drew some everyday. unfortunately i did not have a scanner over here, so i cannot share my sketches... i hope someday i could because this blog is full of spidy's web all over already...

i did bring something today, a work i am working on. my first maya character that i i create. what do you all think? your comments are very precious for me.

hope u enjoyed your visit.

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