Wednesday, June 3, 2009

going to fly today

not yet done this piece yet.... i am leaving today, to a camp at sarawak.... this is the first time i am going to fly, in an airplane.... so damm nervous i hope everything going to be all right....

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  1. bear-bear..sorry,I even had forgot to ask what's ur name..You were not to Sarawak, but is Sabah.. I'm the "Tourguide" for u in Kota Kinabalu... ^_^
    I likes ur drawings...
    yeaa... be a cartoonist or artist is 'simple'... but tobe a 'Famous' one, u hav to work really hard. Skill is a basic for u, ofcoz tobe a 'outstanding' one, u shd hav ur own 'style'.. unique concept & ideas only can guide u to "success". Keep it up! Explore more!


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