Tuesday, March 2, 2010

android ad

after reading an article on marshable.com, i suddenly have an idea of a ad for android. so here it is. the main concept is that android gave apple the bite that appeared on their logo. meaning android is stronger than mac....
so how do u think?
is this appeared to be funny or catchy to u?
i would like to hear your comments...

below is the article that inspired me.
The Android Market may still lag behind the iPhone App Store in terms of variety and quality, but there is something to be said for the Android operating system’s extremely tight integration with existing Google products, and the wide choice of devices and carriers.

There’s no question that the iPhone has many wonderful apps, but Android’s smart syncing with existing tools, interesting Android-only experiments coming every day from Googleemployees, and its open marketplace model have yielded some tools that may give the average iPhone user pause.

If you’re looking for a change, or you’re in the smartphone market and still weighing the pros and cons, consider these Android-only apps and how they might fit into your work, play, and mobile lifestyle.

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