Saturday, July 31, 2010

illutration 29 july 2010

these are the colored pieces of previous sketches..
enjoy and tell me what u think..


  1. hello....
    im wenshu...
    nice 2 meet u...hahaha
    Malerie ask me to hav a look here,it is so fun to c ur artwork~~~
    the style is cute and i like ur painting stroke...Bt the outline inking is a bit too hard...i prefer the soft 1...hahaha
    i like the 2nd artwork so much....
    the color of the 1st artwork is a bit dirty and the color is nt harmony...(my feeling)
    bt the 3rd artwork color is so nice....just dun hav so much lovely stroke....i like stroke~~~hahaha
    Thx 4 sharing ur artwork~~~

  2. hi there,
    we met at times square rite.
    malerie's friend..
    it is so nice of u to spend ur time and acually study the image...
    feel so syiok. thanks for the comments.. will look into it..


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