Sunday, August 1, 2010

character of the week 207

Military unit: The Hacker

It’s the year 2090, a few years after World War III... Officially, the war is over; but in the borderlands of the three remaining superpowers there is still conflict. War has changed however, as electro-magnetic fields have blocked out all wireless communication on the planet. This caused a new Spec Ops unit to arise; the Hacker. Not only does he have to infiltrate military bases in order to hack into the mainframe and mechanical units, he also has to be able to defend himself when discovered!

Design the military unit: The Hacker!

- Setting is futuristic, though no wireless devices!
- Hacker can ofcourse be male or female
- The Hacker is a solitary unit, so he has to be able to defend himself
- Basically the Hacker is intelligent and stealthy, but also has a tough side.

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