Thursday, December 2, 2010

chow#224 Harajuku Warrior

"It's not my sword that cuts, but my style" - Ayane Matsumoto, first of the Harajuku Warriors

Style is everything in the world of Harajuku! During the day a group of young fashionable people gather in the streets of Tokyo (on the Jingu Bridge outside Harajuku station to be precise), showing off their new fashion accessories and posing for tourist cameras. But for this ChoW, these teens turn into deadly fighters… the Harajuku Warriors! Prepare for the Super Style Showdown!

More info on the fashionstyles at Harajuku station:

Design a Harajuku Warrior!

- There are many Harajuku styles, but most of them are characterized by the mixture of many different fashionable elements. Do some research into Harajuku fashion styles!
- Design an appropriate weapon for your Harajuku Warrior!

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