Tuesday, April 26, 2011

flambo competition (joye)

Joye 是一個開朗的流浪廚師。平時就喜歡騎著他的小綿羊,到處去流浪。只要看到有乞丐,就會停下來,從他的機車把flambo的廚具拿出來,馬上準備食物給他們。最大的願望就是可以餵飽世界上所有的人,希望不會再有人挨餓。口頭禪是:“食物無國界!”

this is a mascot competition i participate. the objective is to create a character to communicate with the youngster. the winner is based on the votes they gets from the facebook. i would love your votes if you like my work.

first, press 'like' on this page

then, press like on my artwork on this link.

please vote only if you like my artwork. i would love to know how the world feel on my artwork.
i would appreciate some comments too.

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