Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gadgets i am going to get this year!!!

okay, i know its been a while... recently busy on freelance job.. and i am not allow to post any of the works online and i don't have any spare time to do other artwork.. however, i will try to draw some drawing if i am free..
so, this post is about some gadgets i am going to get in this year...
i know the gadgets is kindda pricy, but since its a long run, so i think it is ok....
so here comes....
the first i am going to get
The All mighty macbookpro 15inch!!!!

and the second will be the awesome cintiq tablet!!! 12 inch...

hopefully i get enough money...
if u wish to sponsor me that would alsoo be okay!!!


  1. get your macbook on their apple education online store to get student price..wahaha

  2. o boy, thanks for the info!!!!


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